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Impact Gloves

Pressure Junkiez Impact 5 Gloves
The best glove for demanding labor. Created and designed for inclement use, it includes a hook and loop wrist closure and back of the hand impact pads giving the hand significant protection. Tested and certified, this glove is categorized with the highest cut resistance level and excellent gripping attributes, allowing it to be an exceptional safety glove.
  • HPPE shell provides excellent cut protection, cut resistant level 5
  • Sandy nitrile dipping provides slip resistance to offer a good grip
  • TPR pad helps prevent finger pinching, abrasions and crushing injuries
  • Hook and loop wrist closure ensures a snug fit
  • Abrasion Resistance: 4/4
  • Blade Cut Resistance: 5/5
  • Tear Resistance: 4/4
  • Puncture Resistance: 2/4
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