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Oceanquip is an underwater/severe duty cable, connector and pigtail company dedicated to the sewer repair video tractor/cutter industries.

When we were offered the distributorship of cables and connectors for the trenchless technology (TT) industry, Oceanquip was formed in the New Orleans area in 2007. After working in the commercial diving and ROV industries, the parallels between the ROV and TT equipment are astounding. The work class ROV’s are more sophisticated but the technology is very parallel in video, lighting, sonars and cables & connectors, both electric and fiber optic. The common denominator for all equipment was waterproof cables and connectors. We have connectors and assemblies in stock. 

Big Three Manufacturers

We speak the languages of all three of the big sewer repair video equipment manufacturers and can help order the correct items.


Extensive underwater and topside experience in:

  • Cables: Kevlar, copper conductors, fiber optic conductors, many different outer jackets of

polyurethane, neoprene, metal clad and many other jackets.

  • Connectors: topside, splash proof, submersible (wet & dry); over 10,000 different

connectors, systems and configurations for underwater or severe duty service.

  • Lighting: LED, incandescent, direct & indirect

  • Robotics: manipulators, cutters, cameras, lighting

  • Sonar Systems: scanning, forward looking, side scan, autonomous

  • Video: regular, low light, SIT, black & white, color

New Ownership

On July 1, 2017, Oceanquip was acquired by Ruth and David Hoth. In 1988, Ruth's parents started a company which is still known for taking care of their customer, producing quality equipment and having professional service. Ruth’s early work at the company was in the electronics department building communication radios. During her time there, she also gained experience in all facets of running the company in addition to being their top salesperson. She already has extensive experience with some of the same connectors sold by Oceanquip. David has followed in Ruth’s footsteps, working at her family’s company for the last 10 years where he has gained much of the same experience that Ruth has.

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